The sunniest of greetings to our amazing community!

In so many ways the sun is shining brighter and there is a growing sense of optimism that with additional numbers of people becoming fully vaccinated, more age groups being approved to be vaccinated and the lockdown finally over that we are emerging (like the coming cicadas) into some version of how we used to live our lives.
This means we can turn our attention to some future facing activities such as:
  • Joining the Minister Search Committee: While our search team to hire a new minister is almost full we would very much like to have representation from someone who is newer to the congregation and not identifying as she/her. Meetings will begin as early as next week so if you are interested please contact us at:
  • Calling All Jam, Jelly and Pickle Makers! If you're making preserves this summer, why not set some aside to donate to Beach United's Christmas Market? It takes place in November and we're still planning the details, but we know that homemade jams, jellies, pickles, relishes, chutneys and pickles always sell fast.
    • A few things to keep in mind:
    • * All preserves must be shelf stable (no fridge pickles or freezer jams).
    • * We can't store them at the church so please keep them at home for now.
    • * Have extra canning jars? Or do you need canning jars? Contact Leigh Bowser (647 449 8332) to make arrangements to drop off or pick up donated empty jars. (Please don't bring them to the church.)
  • Consideration of returning to some in person services later this summer – stay tuned!
In other news we want to report that our financial results for the first half of the year have exceeded our budget at this time and this is a result of higher than expected government subsidies and the ongoing and extraordinary commitment that our volunteers, community, and staff have made to BUC during this past year in our fundraising efforts and givings.

If you recall we created a 6 month budget at the beginning of the year because of the uncertainty caused by the third wave and a budget for the remainder of the current year is underway. Government subsidies, which have been a significant portion of our revenues during COVID, are expected to end in September 2021 and the amount that we will receive will begin to decrease between now and then. It is our hope that we will be pivoting to more rental and parking lot income during that time as we gradually return to some sort of normalcy. Please let us know if you’re interested in learning more about the Church’s finances or budget for the 2nd half of the year.

We also wanted to take this time to acknowledge our enormous gratitude for the ongoing work of volunteers in keeping key services operating such as the lunch program and what have been very successful fundraising efforts involving music, the arts and reflections on social justice. This community is so enriched by those individuals and the passion they bring in all they do. A shout out in particular to Lynne Fulcher who has taken over the role of Ministry & Personnel Chair (M&P) and is assisting with the search process.

Our statistics with respect to attendance at worship services and other events show we have reached a far wider audience during the pandemic with our ever growing use of technology and expanding options for service delivery. It is our intention to ensure we continue to offer some of these options even when we fully re-open as we have seen the impact of being able to connect with those who don’t or can’t attend in person.

As always we want to hear from you with respect to questions, concerns and innovative ideas. Feel free to contact us at:

Until then stay safe and enjoy getting outside!
Brian, Barry, David & Nanci

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