Oh Canada

What have we done to this beautiful land,
which is home to many diverse creatures, including humankind?
Where is that true love which we are commanded to show to all,
especially those who are native to Turtle Island?
When are we going to become a place in which all people,
from far and wide can live strong and free?
How might we stand on guard,
not just for the rich and powerful privileged few but for everyone?
When we invoke the name of God:
may we have the wisdom to acknowledge,
the many pathways to the Divine.

On this Canada Day, I ask these questions as a way of opening space for us all to reflect and ponder, hoping that this might lead to change-making action. I know this is not easy and so I make this suggestion – read some of the 94 Calls to Action which came out of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s hearing of stories from thousands of residential school survivors, in June 2015.

Read them one at a time and consider the implications. You might not read all 94 Calls to Action, which were developed to guide governments, communities, and faith groups down the road to reconciliation.

I am reflecting on this call to action - Reduce the number of Aboriginal children in care.
The number of First Nations children removed from their homes is four times higher than non-Indigenous children.

For suggestions on how to act I recommend - Beyond 94:CBC News

Karen Dale, in ministry with Beach United Church

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Children & Youth: learning from indigenous wisdom – The Medicine Wheel.

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