Blake flowers
Acts of love & compassion

It’s not so easy to show we love and care for people when we’re not able to go for a visit, give a hug and look into each other’s eyes. Flowers are often the way we show love and appreciation for our Moms or the mother figures in our lives.

Recently I received an email from the retirement home where my parents live, asking families to consider very carefully whether or not to have flowers delivered on Mother’s Day. I was being asked to weigh up the risk of multiple people touching the flowers, which would then need to be delivered by a staff person to my Mom.

There was an acknowledgement that both our physical and emotional well-being is important and so knowing my Mom best, the decision was mine. I decided to send an e-card and have a nice long chat over the phone. However family’s whose Mom lives alone might well make a different decision.

There are many nuances to acting with love and compassion. The one size does not fit all people and does not fit all occasions. Perhaps during these difficult times we might try to focus on the small things and so open ourselves to experience the mysterious enormity of life. William Blake expresses this eloquently in the quote above.

Watch out for those dandelions!
Take good care, Karen Dale [in ministry with BUC]


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