SUBJECT: How should we expand online worship and similar services at Beach United? We need your help!

Dear Members of Beach United Church-

Since the closing of our building in March, we have worked hard to creatively and meaningfully meet the spiritual needs of the congregation at Beach. This has included offering several Zoom and Facebook Live events online in addition to the one-on-one pastoral care. Information has also been made available about activities outside Beach. We have received supportive feedback about the value of these events but we also realize some folks are in a holding pattern waiting for when church is once again open.

We are hopeful that we will be able to reopen in the near future, but even then, some might not feel comfortable coming out for services. To accommodate this, we expect to expand and continue our online services for some time to come. This will be the case even after the building reopens and services and programs resume.

We need about five minutes of your time to complete a survey. This survey is to learn what you would like to add to our online offerings to better meet the needs of the congregation now and in the future.

Please click on this link which with take you to the survey:

The survey is anonymous although you can add your name in the final comments if you would like. A summary of the results will be shared once the analysis is complete.

Brian Gauthier
On behalf of the BUC Board of Directors

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