eBlast Aug 21
Live with respect
This week I am in search of bamboo toothbrushes. Why? All the plastic toothbrushes ever made are still on earth in various landfills. Bamboo is bio-degradable and sustainable. As a person who tries to live in a way that "touches the earth lightly", I wonder what took me so long to make this very simple shift. Then I let go of self judgement, with a deep, invigorating breath.

The Environmental Action Group invites you to take a look at the blog post "31 Ways to Care for Creation"; pick one or a bunch and put them into action. Try not to lay a guilt trip on yourself - such a waste of energy. Use that energy to care for the earth, one toothbrush at a time!

You are invited to meet members of the Environmental Action Group this Sunday, August 23 at 10.30 am on Zoom
Listen to a "gift of music" from Steven Webb, re-connect with old friends and make new ones.

Blessings, Karen Dale [in ministry with Beach United Church]

We are moving closer to being able to open the building for worship on Oct 4 & 11 for a maximum of 30 pre-registered attendees. Thank you to those who have already volunteered to be part of the Safety Team, to ensure the protocols are followed. We still need more people, especially for Oct 11. If you are interested please contact Karen Dale for more information karen@beachuc.com

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Environmental Action Group: check-out 31 ways to care for creation, on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/beachunitedchurch or the web-site https://beachunitedchurch.com/2020/07/31-ways-to-care-for-creation/

ZOOM “Sunday Sessions” in August hosted by Karen Dale
Theme: “Live with respect in creation”
August 23 at 10:30am. Co-hosts Environmental Action Group
Use this link to join Zoom “Sunday Sessions”.

Children & Youth: Look at earth as if you are an astronaut, using Google Earth. Change your perspective, care for the earth and hear God saying “that it is good”.

Spirit Connect: Prayers, images and podcast on theme "Live with respect in creation" https://beachunitedchurch.com/worship-and-music/spirit-connect/

Music for the Soul: updated by Steven Webb, music director: includes weekly music meditation. https://beachunitedchurch.com/worship-and-music/music-for-the-soul

Out of the Cold: Read about the changes to the OOTC program and how BUC and St. Aidan's are responding. https://beachunitedchurch.com/out-of-the-cold-program

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