Greetings to each of you.

To begin - I want to extend an apology on behalf of the Board for the gap in communicating. We made a commitment we would be in touch on a regular basis and we dropped the ball. Rest assured we have spent a great deal of time planning, responding and considering what we need to do going forward to remain a viable community. And while the summer got away from us we do have a number of key messages to share with you.

So tough news first – as you know closing the church had a very significant impact on our ability to generate revenue and at the same time there is a commitment to honour our financial obligations and pay our bills. In April we made the difficult decision to temporarily lay off a number of staff because no one knew how long the closure would extend and we needed to conserve resources. It is now clear the pandemic continues to be our reality and will for an unforeseen time. Acknowledging this, we had to make the very difficult decision to terminate some of those staff. We extend our appreciation and thanks to Dayna Browne [Children & Youth Coordinator], Vivek Vijayapalan [Communications Coordinator] and Nicole Tanti [Community Engagement Coordinator] for their energy and dedication to their work at Beach and wish them only the best in their future.

Our staff roster going forward is Karen Dale - Lead Minister, David Lewis – Operations Manager, Cate Duff- Office Administrator and Steven Webb – Music Director. You told us in the online surveys we sent out this summer that music was a critical part of what gives you energy and connection to Beach and Steven’s vision, creativity and commitment to Beach is a mainstay of our focus to keep people connected and engaged. This work, in conjunction with the incredible work done by Jo-Anne LaForty to ensure Jazz & Reflection is sustained by going online in addition to bringing Mike Daley’s music offerings online using Eventbrite is, we believe, a key strategy to ensuring Beach remains vital and relevant to you.

We have more to share as we continue to plan and respond to all that is happening in the world. Our renewed pledge to you as the Board is to connect regularly with news and updates but not overwhelm you all at once. To that end we will be planning a Town Hall via Zoom for people to engage in face to face dialogue in the early Fall. We continue to do our best in uncertain times and believe it is our faith in each other and the vision of Beach that we are working to ensure remains a cornerstone of your spiritual well-being.

And we can’t say this enough - Lastly communication with us isn’t meant to be one way – we want to hear from you on issues that matter. If you have feedback or suggestions or ideas please share. You can reach us at:

Nanci Harris, Brian Gauthier [Chair], David Kiel [treasurer], Barry Watson,
Frank Plue [ Chair of Ministry & Personnel]

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