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Fall greetings to everyone in the Beach Community.

The changing of the seasons marked by the vibrant coloured leaves and abundant produce; are wonderful to see. The landscape of our lives is changing in ways that are very unsettling, yet no less dramatic, with the marked rise in new cases of COVID-19 in Toronto and the surrounding area.

Beach United Church is fortunate to have strong leadership in the members of the Board, the Animators [who oversee the ministry programs] and the staff. All of whom have been working together to ensure the safety of the community during these times of pandemic. Caring leadership requires the ability to consider the needs of others when making decisions.

So taking into account that the incidence of COVID has once again reached the levels experienced in the spring and the low numbers registered for “in person worship”; the difficult decision has been made to cancel our two upcoming in person services scheduled for October 4th and 11th.

This decision was made in a collaborative manner and we acknowledge the indirect feedback from you all, as you made the choice not to register to come back into the building to worship just yet. However, Steven Webb [music director] and I will offer worship through Facebook live stream on October 4 and 11. We will be streaming from the church whilst practicing appropriate social distancing protocols.

The Animators, the Board and staff hope we can reintroduce “in person” services once this upsurge has ended. However, for now, this is felt to be the best decision to meet our obligations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community.

As always your feedback or questions are encouraged, as we continue to navigate the landscape that is COVID. For contact information for the Board members and the Animators, please use this link Or use

Blessings to each of you,

Karen Dale – in ministry with Beach United Church

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