Life goes on
If we think of the cycle of life, death and new life; then life in its various forms does indeed go on. In part of this cycle, humankind has been blessed with the ability to make choices and with every blessing comes a shadow side. Do we make choices which enhance life for all earth creatures or do our choices destroy and diminish? The other parts of this cycle are a sacred mystery; as we do not know what happens when we die.

Jan Richardson writes about life as an "inner blazing" which does not come from choices as much as from acknowledging our helplessness. It is from this place of not knowing, that births hope, as we turn our faces to the sky and our hearts to this unendurable earth - "I tell you, this is how the stars get into your bones, this is how the brightness makes a home in you". Perhaps this is a way of finding sanctuary deep within.

This week I have engaged the cycle of life through Zoom - who'd have thought! A milestone birthday has been celebrated and a memorial service planned. I hope you will join us for worship via Zoom, this Sunday at 10.30 am. Steven Webb [music director] will be leading a hymn sing at the end of the session. Here is the link https://zoom.us/j/99648730942?pwd=dkpFNFFDV0VNbjlxTzZJeEs5R0ROQT09

Blessings, Karen Dale [in ministry with Beach United Church]

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