A big hello to everyone as we head into November!

We hope you are looking forward to coming out of Stage 2 and keeping everyone in your circle supported and safe. It has been an interesting time to consider next steps for our community and we assure you we are paying close attention to what might be possible to connect with each other in the coming weeks.
We have lots to share with you:
  • Financially the church is staying the course and managing the continued loss of revenue. We are indebted to Karen, David, Cate and Steven for their continued dedication to ensuring our community is connected and informed.
  • We are delighted a group of volunteers are coming together to launch our first ever Virtual Christmas Market (more info on website and our Facebook account). If you are interested in volunteering contact Nanci at
  • The Board met in October with our amazing animators and we are implementing regular communication to align our work and objectives for Beach.
  • We were delighted to invest in a number of technology upgrades to support all the ways we have transitioned to being an online faith community. Faster and better bandwidth and speed improves the quality of delivery of music, words of faith and our ability to network with each other.
  • We’d like to recognize efforts by amazing folks such as Hastings Withers, Frank & Pat Plue, Jim McKibbin and Marion Hilton for their work in connecting with people experiencing isolation from COVID and those members of our community who are homeless or underhoused. New projects such as linking with the Warden Woods Drop-In at Teesdale Place to provide a hot lunch every Wednesday and delivering gifts of muffins & jam; are increasing the ways we live our faith. Thanks to each and every one of you!
  • We have begun thinking about our Annual report and plans are underway to present key information to you in a new and easily digestible format – stay tuned!
As always we want to hear from you and remain committed to being transparent and timely in our communication. At any time reach out to us at:

Stay safe
Beach UC Board

Nanci Harris, Brian Gauthier, David Kiel, Barry Watson
Frank Plue [ Chair Ministry & Personnel]

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