Fall greetings to everyone!

We hope each of you had a meaningful Thanksgiving experience and are managing to stay safe and grounded during what is our return to Wave 2. We are mindful of what this can mean in terms of additional isolation for some and extra stress for people with young children attempting to manage some work/life balance. We were disappointed when we needed to cancel our two planned in person services and hope this is something we can reintroduce in the coming months.

We have heard from many of you how nice it is to have Steven back with his gifts of music the fruits of which are being well received. Indeed, we are indebted to Karen, David, Cate and Steven for their commitment to Beach and the work they do.

So what happened with those surveys from the summer? To start it is late in coming but we want to acknowledge thank all of you who participated this summer; we had a great response and have produced a summary of those results. Click here for full survey results

Takeaways from that survey that translated into action include:
  • We have added to our online program with more music events and more speakers
  • As noted in the last eBlast we have brought Steven back and he is working with Karen to energize our community with a wide range of musical offerings and events. We will continue to need your feedback on these as we are prepared to pivot and adapt to what makes the most sense.
  • We know the online services are very well received but there is always room for improvement and we’re working on that. We know they don’t replace our old services but you have told us you want this form of worship to continue after we are done with COVID and can be back in the church on a regular basis.
What else did we learn?
  • That while most people are able to deal with things online, some need help and we are committed to providing that support.
  • That we need to be in more frequent touch with those of you who had ideas and feedback for us that will inform what and how we move forward. We are a community and we value that.
Other things we’d like to update you on:
Recently the Board coordinated some conversations with respect to where we are heading with our strategic plan and we are very pleased with the outcomes to date. Our focus is action oriented and we are looking to engage volunteers in a variety of projects that connect us to our community. A number of specific activities have been proposed and our goal is to mobilize the necessary volunteers in the coming weeks to bring them to life. More to follow.

We’ve been monitoring our financial situation carefully, taking advantage of all available support programs and making the best of a bad situation. This diligence will continue and if you have questions about what that looks like let us know. You can email us at:

Stay tuned for some exciting news about how we plan to pivot our annual Christmas Market and take it online. (Hint – volunteers will be very very welcome!)

Finally, communication with us isn’t meant to be one way – we want to hear from you on issues that matter. If you have feedback or suggestions or ideas please share. Please contact us at:

Nanci Harris, Brian Gauthier, David Kiel, Barry Watson
Frank Plue [ Chair Ministry & Personnel]

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