White Gift Interfaith 2020
Star-burst of joy
The term “white gifts” might be unfamiliar to you; it refers to giving a gift which helps others at Christmas. Historically the gift would be wrapped in plain white paper, so that one present would not look more spectacular than another.

I am very committed to the idea of equality; of all people being treated fairly with access to the same opportunities. This pandemic has shown us this is not the case for so many in our communities, province and country. On Thursday Dec 24th, at the Interfaith Take-out Lunch we will be sharing “equal opportunity gifts”. A $5 bill will be enfolded in a paper which is white on the outside but inside bursts with joy – see above. Have a look at the faces of some of the folk who make up this wonderful community, which is part of Beach United Church.

Five dollars might not seem much but it can make a difference. Last year one person shared that they were going to have to buy a no-name festive treat but now they could afford their favourite brand. They had a choice!

Thank you to those who have already made generous white gift donations. If you would like to donate, please click here & add “white gifts” in the message box. Any surplus money raised will support the food programs at BUC.

Wishing you all a “star-burst of joy”,
Karen Dale [in ministry with BUC]

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