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Holiday greetings to everyone in the community.

It is our sincere hope you are finding joy in the season in spite of the unique challenges this year has given us and that you are staying well and healthy.
For our final messages of the year we have this to share:
  • Financially the church is holding its own and we continue to monitor what resources are available to continue our work. Our goal for 2021 is to continue to “adapt, pivot and evolve” in response to what comes next.
  • We are delighted our first ever Virtual Christmas Market was such a resounding success. We could not have imagined how quickly people would log on and we are grateful for their support. We also want to recognize the incredible contributions of everyone who donated product for sale and to those amazing staff and volunteers who ensured purchase pick up was possible. We are encouraged by this form of connection with our community and you can expect to see future versions of online sales in 2021.
  • Speaking of incredible volunteers we would like to acknowledge the commitment, creativity and enthusiasm which our animators (Paul Dowling, Christine McMulkin, Hastings Withers) bring to our work in seeking justice, spiritual nurture and working to engage & connect with children and youth and the larger community. Thank you!
  • And thanks to Jim McKibbin and Jim Winn for the quiet dedication they have brought to continuing the weekly take-out Interfaith Lunch on Thursday and supporting Kingston Road United Church to serve from BUC every Friday. The Alternative Out of the Cold volunteers prepare food on Wednesday for Teesdale Place and Saturday for the Moss Park encampments. All the volunteers who come every week are unsung heroes. And in yet another example of innovation those incredible folks making hot meals and getting them into the community. It just keeps getting done 😊
  • We continue to be delighted with the gifts of music that made available through the efforts of so many and which bring such joy. The recent You Tube offering by the choir was wonderful!
  • For those of you who are interested we are looking at hosting our Annual Meeting in late February.
On behalf of the Board we want to thank you for your continued support of the church and its programs and we look forward to coming through the challenge that is COVID in 2021 armed with new information and technology, ways of connecting and strength of purpose. To each of you and your families blessing for the holiday season. Stay safe and well.

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Brian, Barry, David and Nanci

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