Beach United Documentary Series

Watch, Discuss, Act

 What’s required:

WATCH: Before the date of the session, watch the documentary. Register by sending your email address to  so I can send you the Zoom invite.  We’ll also post on BUC website. Tune in for a Zoom discussion about the film.

DISCUSS: Let’s meet online and discuss issues facing our society. Let’s explore the issues through a documentary lens.  Moderated by Mary Anne Alton,  documentary producer and director for over 30 years.

ACT: Share opinions about the impact the film had on you and perhaps what it might prompt you to do in the future on a personal level or on a more public scale. If we have enough folks we’ll split in to chat rooms for a portion of the discussion.

Next Session: 

Wednesday Jan 27th 8pm on Zoom

Kiss the Ground is a documentary narrated by Actor Woody Harrelson.  It sheds light on an old approach to farming which is making a comeback called “regenerative agriculture”.  It’s a technique used to balance our climate, replenish water supplies and feed the world.  How great is that!

The Official website has lots of additional material about how you can help heal the soil.  If you have time take a peek.
Offical Trailer:

Where to watch:  Netflix

Zoom Sunday Sessions

Here is the link for January 24th, 2021

Happy Birthday!

The choir is offering to sing via Zoom, Happy Birthday to anyone who has a special birthday coming up. Whether it’s 10 or 80 we’d like to sing you Happy Birthday to make your day even more special. We’re all practiced and ready to go. You can request It be a surprise for someone  or you can request it for yourself. The choir is happy to spread some joy. 
Contact Mary Anne Lemm and she’ll set up the Zoom link and a time that works. or call 416-469-5877