Worship November 29 at 10.30 am. Facebook Livestream

How to connect to Facebook

You do not need to have a Facebook account to watch a live-stream at  www.facebook.com/beachunitedchurch/live

When you click on the link there is a pop-up box which asks you to sign-up for FB – click “Not at this time” and you get through to the page.

Zoom Sunday Session

Here is the link


This format uses music, scripture, prayers and reflection, with the opportunity for interaction. Use this link on December 13

Worship Schedule

This seems an appropriate time to regularly offer a more formal type of service via live stream or pre recording.  In addition we will continue to offer Zoom Sunday Sessions, for those who appreciate the inter-active nature of this method. 

This schedule might alter to reflect changes occurring in the faith community and the wider community. To comment or ask questions please email karen@beachuc.com

Nov 29FB Livestream Advent 1
Dec 6FB Livestream  Advent 2 & Communion
Dec 13Zoom Sunday Session  Advent 3
Dec 20Recorded worship  Advent 4
Dec 21Recorded worship  Longest Night
Dec 24FB Livestream 7.30 pm
Dec 27Recorded worship
Jan 3Zoom Sunday Session. Epiphany

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