Worship is cancelled until further notice.  Watch out for other ways to nurture our spirits.

The service starts at 10.30 am.  Everyone gathers in the main hall upstairs, with the children leaving for their special activities after the welcome   Some folk grab a coffee or tea from the hospitality table and sip during the service.  Others save their coffee for after the service when the cookies come out!

Worship themes usually run for about 6 weeks.  Each theme will give us the opportunity to explore the ancient biblical story and then make connections to our everyday lives.  We encourage questions and active engagement.  Recently we have explored “Seeds of Compassion”, “Vital Signs” [ climate disruption], “It’s a Revelation” [ book of Revelation of John].

Music is an important way to open our hearts and move our spirits.  A ‘gift of music” is shared every Sunday;  sometimes from the choir, soloists and our talented Music Director, Steven Webb.  Different styles of music are used in special services:-

  • Worship Amplified [ classic rock]
  • Taizé
  • Celtic
  • Spirituals & protest songs
  • Musical theatre


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