The January worship services will be available via video on Jan 2 and for the rest of the month through Zoom. Worship with Steven Webb, music director and other guest speakers.

January Worship services

January 2, 2022 A service of musical offerings by our Music Director, Steven Webb.

Available at on January 2; or view it anytime at

January 9 – 30th services will be held over Zoom.

January 9, 2022 Sandra Kirby, a United Church Licensed Lay Worship Leader, will guide the service

January 16, 23 & 30th Rev. Dr. Carol Kilby will offer a series on evolutionary spirituality:

• Evolutionary Epiphanies

• The Gifts –Humanity’s Evolving! Religion’s Evolving! God’s Evolving!

• Evolutionary Steps for Another Way Home

Join All Zoom Services:

Meeting ID: 869 9134 0247

Passcode: 681120

More info on our guest speakers

Sandra Kirby

Sandra is a Licensed Lay Worship Leader in the United Church of Canada, a board member and hand bell choir director at her home church, King City United. She has had the honour of leading worship services at many churches, both rural and large urban, and enjoys meeting the congregational members at their home churches, when possible. She is grateful to have been able to connect with congregations virtually – both near and far away – during the pandemic. Thank God for such useful technology!

In addition to leading worship, Sandra is also a professional singer who enjoys singing sacred music and inspiring hymns, as well as jazz.

Rev. Dr. Carol Kilby

Author, speaker, preacher, adult educator, counselor, storyteller, ritualist, retired clergy in the United Church of Canada. Carol is the author of Evolutionary Dancer: Revolutionary wisdom, stories and rituals to end planet abuse which offers new insights into how theology is evolving and how people of faith can change to appreciate evolutionary spirituality, its rituals and practices. Check out her website for her current and recent projects:

Dr. Kilby obtained her masters and doctorate in Ministry and has worked as Executive Director, Gaia Centre for Eco Spirituality and Sustainable Work, Haliburton. Many of you may remember her as the minister at Bellefair United from 1994 to 2000 and at Eastminster United Church from 1991 to 1994.

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