eSpirit July 30

God’s playground

Summer offers many of us the opportunity to relax and enjoy what Joyce Rupp calls “the playground of God”. As I head off to Newfoundland I hope that you will find a spot to play and experience God’s presence. Here are some words from Joyce Rupp; may they be a blessing to us all.   Karen

If I could share my treasures with you

I would constantly send you blessings

from the depths and beauty of each day.


I would seal your smile with sunshine

I would leaf your walk of life

with the tenderest of greens.


I would whisper wonderings

from the silent nooks of mountain tops

and the humming heart of the sea.


I would ask each tree

in her most majestic mood

to cover you with constant care.


I would join my heart with yours

and have you share the path of love

that God has etched in our souls.