eSpirit Dec 10

The choices we make

The prayer below was written by a circle of women, all of them mothers, who met together for a day in Durham, England. They reflected on the Magnificat, a song that Mary sang in response to the news that she was pregnant; an ancient song that was sung by others before her.

May these words help us to reflect upon the choices we make in response to the birthing of new life in the world.   Blessings, Karen

Choosing God

Choosing to let your child be born in poverty and doubtful parentage.

Choosing an occupied country with unstable rulers.

Choosing the risk of his dying in a dirty stable,

after a long journey by a pregnant teenager.

Choosing to let him grow up poor, in danger

and misunderstood by those who loved him.

 Choosing God

we doubt the wisdom of your choices then

and we doubt them now;

while the rich are still full

and it is the poor who get sent empty away.

 Help us, lest we in our anger and ignorance,

choose to walk another way.