eSpirit Feb 4

Hidden in the shadows

Women are often hidden within the stories found in the books of the bible. They have to be coaxed to life through an imaginative reading between the lines. Women that have been lost in the mists of time need to be drawn forward, so that their beauty, courage and struggle might come into focus once again.

Kathy Coffey through her writing has done just that for the woman who is known only through her relationship to a man; Peter’s mother-in-law. The first thing Kathy does is to give her a name, Sara. So on Sunday you will meet Sara and perhaps we all might find a part of ourselves in her story.

As we look around our world there are still women hiding in the shadows; made invisible by inequity in the workplace, abuse at home, or imprisoned by poverty. We are called to look more closely at the society of which we are a part, as well as to delve more deeply into those well-kept secrets tucked between the words and pages of the gospels. Who knows what we might discover and how we might be changed.

Blessings, Karen