eSpirit Feb 25

Going beyond words

Anthony de Mello suggests that in our quest for God. we think too much, reflect too much and even talk too much. So as we journey through Lent what other ways might we find to remember the holy in the midst of our routines and connect to the sacredness of life?

Here is one idea that you might try. I hope it is a helpful way of making space for the spirit to enter.

Blessings, Karen


Make something


Some of us reflect and pray best when our hands our busy. Make today a great day to create something. Get back in the workshop and spend time cutting, sanding, and gluing. Sit at a piano and let the music flow. Take out the paints, glue, clay, and other supplies to create a work of art. Find that discarded knitting project and see where the rhythm of the needles takes you.

As you create, be mindful of our Creator who longs to be in relationship with you.