eSpirit May 6


 Friendship can be a God-given way of beginning healing with those who are broken-hearted – if only we remember that sometimes words can get in the way.

The church is good with words

smooth words, comforting words, impressive words;

glorious words, moving words.

Words roll off the tongue.

Words make things manageable, controllable, tidy.


What can we say in the face of the inexpressible?

I don’t know what to say

I feel tongue tied

I was going to write

I was thinking of you

How can I say that I care? 

Give me a hug!

“I care” without words.

When I’m suffering, I don’t need words,

I just need to know you are there,

That someone would notice if I disappeared.

And if I matter to you, and I matter to God,

then life is worth living.

May these words of Rae Williams, help us along the path of developing deep, healing friendships.

Blessings, Karen