Pneumonia Vest Pattern

Pneumonia vest and cap

“Pneumonia Prevention Vests” and Baby Caps Can knit up big if yarn is thick. Any number of stitches divisible by 3 will work.

YARN: Use dark shades of synthetic yarn for practicality in washing. Approximately 2 to 4 oz. of fine soft yarn. Use scraps to make stripes for variations.

NEEDLES: 2 needles #8 or # 9 (Canadian) or #3.75 or #4 metric 2 stitch holders

FRONT: Cast on 48 stitches Knit 9 or 10 inches in garter stitch (9 inches for small size)

NECK OPENING: Put 16 stitches on stitch holder Cast off next 16 stitches for neck edge. Do not make this edge too firm to allow for stretching over the head. Knit on remaining 16 stitches for 3 inches for right shoulder. Put these stitches on a stitch holder. Pick up the 16 stitches from the first stitch holder and knit 3 (2) inches for left shoulder.

BACK: On last row of left shoulder, cast on 16 stitches loosely for back of neck opening. Pick up stitches from first stitch holder. You now have 48 stitches on needle. Knit back to correspond with front.

FINISHING: Sew up sides beginning at the bottom. Leave a space approximately 3 inches long (from top of shoulder to bottom of arm hole) for arm holes. Tidy loose ends. BABY

CAP Cast on 70 sts. K1,P1 for 1 and ½ inches. Continue in plain knitting 4 and ½ inches. Next row: *K8, K2 tog. , repeat from * to end of row. 2nd row and alternate rows: Purl 3rd row: *K7,K2 tog. Repeat from * to end of row. Continue decreasing in this manner until K1,K2 tog. Last row, K2 tog. around remaining sts. Thread end through remaining sts. Draw up and fasten securely. Cap will be 6” total – the 1 inch band will fold up.