Heartbeat October Edition

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The Colour of Gratitude

As I am writing this message the leaves have for the most part not started to change colour – – at least not in this part of the country.  Perhaps when you are reading some trees and bushes might look different, tinged with red and orange; leaves might well be blowing down your street.

I remember one Thanksgiving dinner when my daughter was in charge of decorating the table.  She had collected beautifully coloured maple leaves, pressed them flat and written the name of everyone who was going to be gathered around the table.  They looked beautiful and made everyone feel special.

On Thanksgiving Sunday, October 7, we will be gathering around a table to remember Jesus’ life and teaching.  We will also take time to be grateful for what we have.  But how can we live everyday in a spirit of gratitude?

How about trying this idea?  Collect some fallen leaves when you are walking around your neighbourhood.  Using a permanent marker write something for which you are grateful for on each leaf.  Arrange the leaves somewhere that catches your eye.  You might want to add a candle and light it each time you take a moment of gratitude.

If you have more time you could use the leaves to reflect upon these questions:

• What parts of your life feel dried and withered and need to be released?

• What is your dream for new growth?

With  gratitude for the community of Beach United Church,

Karen  Dale