What Gift is This?

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What Gift is This?

Each group has its own “in-speak” words and phrases that are meaningful to those in the know and absolutely incomprehensible to anyone else!  The church is no different.  We try not to fling around such words as narthex and liturgy but sometimes phrases like “white gifts” slip out.

White Gift Sunday was inspired by the story of the wise king, Kubla Khan, who received gifts from his people that were wrapped in white so that they all looked the same. In this way, the love of the giver becomes more important than the gift itself.

This idea grew and changed so that today many churches encourage people to share gifts with those in the community who are in need.  These gifts are often wrapped in white.

December 16 will be White Gift Sunday at BUC; when the choir will gift us with a cantata, which celebrates the Christmas story through song and word.  This year you are invited to share from our place of abundance in two ways –

  • Write a message of peace & love in a card and add $5.  These “white gift” cards will be given to every one of the 80 guests expected at the Thursday,  Dec 20 Inter-faith Christmas lunch.
  • Bring new, warm socks which will be shared with the guests of “Out of the Cold” on Christmas Eve, when about 75 folks will come for supper and 25 will stay overnight.  At 8 pm we will share in a simple service to remember that two young people came out of the cold, into a stable where Jesus was born, so long ago.

Thank you,