June 5th join the Beach United Church Team for this year’s Virtual Fred’s Walk.

During this time of isolation I’ve thought a lot about how lucky I am to be able to shelter. How lucky I am to be able to wash my hands. How lucky I am to have food in the fridge. It’s been a crazy time and we’ve all had lots on our minds but just imagine if you didn’t have a place to call home. How scary would that be? Long before COVID Fred Victor Centre has been helping people find shelter. I’ve been on previous year’s walks and have always been inspired by Fred Victor’s compassion. They see people who need a helping hand whether it’s helping someone find shelter, helping someone learn a new skill so they can find work or offering food when someone is hungry. [Mary Anne Lemm]

Please join the Beach United Team and Fred Victor and offer a helping hand to more people in our community. You can join the Beach United Team as a participant and collect your own donations which would be terrific or you can donate directly to the Team page. Thanks in advance.


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