Easter Sunrise on the beach

Experience the power of light returning to the world on Sunday, April 21, 6.20 am.  Gather together near the Leuty Lifeguard Station.

Early in the morning, surrounded by respectable liars, religious leaders, anxious statesmen, and silent friends:
you accepted the penalty for living God’s way.

You shouldered and suffered the cross,
and with the words, “It is finished!”

You put an end to our hopeless state of death,
giving instead the promise of new life.

-Adapted from an Easter prayer  “Lord God, Early in the Morning,” from Stages on the Way by John L. Bell and Wild Goose Worship Group.

Sound of the Harp

Harpist Kathryn Merriam will be adding the beautiful sounds of voice and harp to the service on Maundy Thursday, April 18, 7 pm.

Kathryn moved many people by her playing at the Longest Night Service last winter, so we are pleased to welcome her back to help us connect to the deep emotions of Jesus’ last days.

Kathryn’s music explores themes of mindfulness, nature, spirituality, seeking, and marvelling at the universe, interweaved with peaceful sound-scapes and psychedelic-folk inspired textures.