Please see below for our Advent and Christmas services and events 🎄

Masks are mandatory for all of our services, with the exception of the Christmas Market – masks are strongly recommended to attend our indoor market in order to keep our community safe.

Sunday November 27 at 10:30am – First Sunday of Advent – We wait for Christmas

Monday November 28 at 7pm – Advent Conversations Week 1 – Now is the Time

Sunday December 4 at 10:30am – Second Sunday of Advent – A Voice from the Wilderness

Monday December 5 at 7pm – Advent Conversations Week 2 – Now is the Time

Sunday December 11 at 10:30am – Third Sunday of Advent – Story of Mary

Monday December 12 at 7pm – Advent Conversations Week 3 – Now is the Time

Sunday December 18 at 10:30am – Fourth Sunday of Advent – The Seven Noels  Cantata

Monday December 19 at 7pm – Advent Conversations Week 4 – Now is the Time

Wednesday December 21 at 7pm – Alban Arthan – The Longest Night

Alban Arthan comes from Druid Solstice traditions – the service will draw on that tradition and will be a contemplative service, engaging poetry, call and response, self-reflection, singing and some art appreciation.

Saturday December 24 at 7pm – Christmas Eve Carol Service

Saturday December 24 at 10:30pm – Christmas Eve Communion Service

7 thoughts on “Christmas 2022 at Beach United Church”

  1. Dear Dayna, it is actually a carol service at our church at 140 Wineva Ave. It begins at 7pm, and will end at 8pm. I hope this answers your question!

  2. You know it’s shocking that your not doing a turkey dinner for the struggling members of the beach community!

  3. Thank you for your kindness and inclusivity! As much as I’d like a white Christmas I’ll hope any snow holds off until Christmas Day.

  4. Dear Alice, our church is fully accessible, and we have an elevator that your mother could use. We would be more than happy to have you join us for our Christmas Eve carol service!

  5. The Christmas Eve carol service – is this open to everyone? I would like to bring my mother – she’s in a wheelchair but we are not too far – queen and Lee avenue so as long as the sidewalks were clear – I could bring her.

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