We have a seasonal update for you from Hastings Withers, our point person person for our Thursday Interfaith Lunch Program. Please see below for an abbreviated blog post, or download the full PDF here!

“BEHIND THE SCENES” – some aspects of how we make a pleasant and welcoming place, with good food that is safe and effective for both our guests and our volunteers:

The Free Community  lunch program at Beach United re-started in October after Thanksgiving, and we have had two successful months – made much easier for both volunteers and and guests as COVID restrictions have eased. Presently, church policy requires all volunteers to be masked, and of course there are food safety protocols as well. 

Policies and practices are still subject to change, and are communicated regularly to all concerned.  This has led to new signage to keep volunteers up to speed with the latest requirements.

Thursday, December 1, Menu

Daily Bread Food bank provides pre-cooked casseroles and soups which just require heating.  

In addition, another hot dish  was prepared the previous day, a pasta dish – the picture shows finishing touches being added. And sandwiches are prepared and packaged for about half the guests who prefer a take-away bag lunch.  

Before the Rush

In this picture, Nella and Barbara (below, left),  having finished  preparing the food are having a short coffee break before the guests start arriving.  Al (below, right) and  Greg (not shown)  have got the dining room ready, and put up the outside canopy with chairs and a table.  The canopy is a valuable addition to making a welcoming place for our guests.  Even if they choose to remain outside for a take-away bag lunch, they can have some shelter, and conversation around a table.  Putting the canopy up is somewhat challenging, but Al and Greg have it mastered! 

9:45am Thursday Morning

Although our announced opening time is 10:00am, last Thursday, Wheel-Trans delivered two of our guests much earlier.  While other volunteers are still setting up and getting food ready, Linda (below, right)  is welcoming the two guests, Harry and Judy, with  a coffee and pastry.

Welcoming Guests Throughout December 

Although not all volunteers can be available throughout December, the Beach United Thursday lunch will still be provided regularly throughout the month (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th).  And we’ll make a point of displaying this “Welcome” sign, on which guests speaking other languages added their contribution.   I only know for sure that it was Patrick who added “Faite” and Li Wen who added the Mandarin word for welcome, which she explained is pronounced “hwan yang”. 

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