Beach United EcoFair 2024

We will be hosting our EcoFair on Saturday, May 4th from 10am-2pm. It’s a family-friendly event, with activities, food, and vendors for everyone! Entry is free and our building is fully accessible.

There will be many vendors at our Ecofair – you’ll find jewelry made from coffee pods, local honey, handmade soaps, eco-friendly cleaning products, art made from reclaimed materials, and so much more.

Also featured will be non-profit groups who are doing eco-advocacy, a new Beach Home Retrofit group, solar co-ops, promoting native plants, a bike repair station, sewing repair station, a repair/reuse hub, and volunteers explaining a biodiversity count project.  

There will be games and activities for all ages including a reading circle for small children.  We’ll also have Indian street food in reusable containers and chai tea and smoothies to tempt your taste buds!

We have an exciting list of speakers lined up as well!

11am: Buying Food Sustainably 
Ronna Manalo, George Brown Chef School 3rd year student/ Gold Organic Campus Designation

12pm: Find out about the new Beach Home Retrofit Group
John Girardo, founding member

1pm: Learn about ElerGreen a new green startup turning waste into energy
Hui Huang Hoe, founder and inventor, UofT engineering student

For photos and videos of our EcoFair last year, please take a look at our Facebook and Instagram posts!

Ecofair at Beach United on May 4th

This event has been sponsored by Switch Heat Pumps, Shining Waters Regional Council, LID Permeable Paving and Toronto Hydro.

Ecofair Sponsors 2024

EcoFair 2024 at Beach United

Save the Date! This year’s EcoFair at Beach United will be on Saturday, May 4th, 2024 from 10am-2pm.

Entry is free and welcome to everyone.

Call for Vendors

We are looking for vendors with eco-friendly products, as well as non-profit exhibitors/participants. If you are interested in being a vendor or volunteer, please contact Mary Anne.

And if you are interested in why a church might be interested in environmental issues, please take a look at this blog post.

For photos and videos of last year’s EcoFair, please take a look at our Facebook and Instagram posts!

Ecofair at Beach United - Save the Date
Ecofair at Beach United Church on May 6th, 2023

EcoFair 2023 at Beach United

UPDATE: For photos and videos of our EcoFair 2023, please take a look at our Facebook and Instagram posts!

We are excited to be hosting an EcoFair at Beach United on Saturday, May 6th from 10am-2pm.

Entry is free and welcome to everyone!

We will have more information on our 35+ vendors, exhibitors and speakers very shortly and will feature them on our social media accounts (Instagram / Facebook), so please stay tuned! If you’re interested in why a church might be interested in environmental issues, please take a look at this blog post.

Ecofair 2023 Sponsors


11am: Lana Goldberg from Environmental Defence Fund on “A Gas Plant Expansion in the east end of Toronto?”

12pm: Paul Dowsett – Retro Fit Coach from The Pocket Change Project 

1pm Dr. Lori Stahlbrand from George Brown College on Food Sustainability


12:30pm: Nettie Cronish, organic chef, culinary instructor and cookbook author cooks up some delicious treats and you’ll get to sample

What else to expect!

  • Meet “Hot Dog” the Snapping Turtle  
  • Find out about Wildlife in the City
  • Arts and Crafts 
  • Fun Games
  • Bike safety check and minor tuneups
  • Spin the Wheel of Waste
  • Talk with Energy advisors & Retro Fit coach
  • Plant a native species seed
  • Spot invasive species
  • Bring your own cup for free tea
  • How to get Green Grants
  • Beekeeper and his honey
  • Zero waste take out 
  • Delicious Food from Animal Liberation Kitchen
  • EVs & chargers
  • Solar Co-ops 
  • Green paving 
  • Grow a Butterfly/Pollinator Garden
  • Jewelry from Recycled material
  • Find out how to Reduce Food Waste 

Take Action for Lent! Make a Green Pledge!

Whenever you walk into Beach United Church, help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Here are some suggestions from our Environmental Action Group:-

•  Bring your own mug or water bottle

•  Use BUC crockery, glassware, and metal cutlery and then wash.  No single-use plastic or disposable items.

•  Reduce the amount of food waste

•   Walk, bike, TTC to BUC

•    Buy in bulk to reduce packaging e.g. cookies

•    Reduce paper usage [ photocopying]