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eBlast April 10

Knitting for Shivering Children: Saturday, April 13, 10 am with guest Jeanene Luckhart of Canadian Food for Children. She will be talking about the charity’s work and how our knitting and crocheting help the struggling and vulnerable families they serve in 22 countries around the world.

Bring your friends!   Every stitch counts, Pat Davies

Soundwave Cafe:  Saturday, April 13, 2.30 – 4.30 pm.  Drop in and listen to contemporary folk singer Claire Coupland and sip coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

Lunch & Learn:  Sunday, April 13, 11.30 am.  Share delicious soup and the actions you have taken this Lent to reduce your carbon footprint.

Easter Community Walk: Equity Sunday, April 14, 10.30 am.  Program for 6-12-year-olds, with the invitation, extended to the community & all ages.

Maundy Thursday Service: practice of lectio divina  Thursday, April 18, 7 pm, with harpist Kathryn Merriam.

Good Friday Service:  Friday, April 19, 10:30 am.

Easter Sunday: Sunday, April 21,

6.20 am    Sunrise service at Leuty Lifeguard Station
7.30 am    Pot-luck Breakfast
10.30 am. Easter Sunday Communion Service

Large Coolers Needed:  On Sunday, April 28, starting at 11.30 am, we will be celebrating the completion of our parking lot.  Friends and neighbours have been invited, food will be available, demonstrations of the permeable surface planned.  For cold drinks, we need to borrow 5 large coolers.  If you have one please contact Nanci Harris at Thank you.

Organ Stops: Sunday, April 28, 2:30 pm.

Emerging organist Zoe Kai Wa, was born and raised in Hong Kongi and is currently based in Toronto completing her second-year master’s studies in organ performance at the University of Toronto, under the tutelage of Kevin Komisaruk. Zoe will perform a varied program including the works of Bach, Sweelinck, Mendelssohn, Liszt and Durufle on the beautifully rebuilt Guilbault Therien organ at Beach United.  Freewill donation.

Heartbeat April 2019

April Heartbeat Newsletter

Sacred Journey

We are past the halfway point in the journey of Lent and getting closer to Jerusalem and the events of Holy Week. Now more than ever it is important to pause for a moment. So I invite you to make some quiet time, take deep breaths and relax into the place you find yourself.

Perhaps you just need to breathe for a few moments, connecting with your breath and your body.  But if you are drawn to words, read Ann Weems’ poem slowly and see if a phrase resonates.  Then take this with you into the rest of your day.

The way to Jerusalem is cluttered

with bits and pieces of our lives

that fly up and cry out,

wounding us as we try to keep upon this path

that leads to Life.

Why didn’t someone tell us

that it would be this hard?

In the midst of the clutter

the children laugh and run after stars.

Those of us who are wise will follow,

for the children will be the first

to kneel in Jerusalem.


Peace, Karen Dale

in ministry with Beach United Church