What’s new with you?

Wondering what’s happening with all your Beach United friends? How are they doing in this weird time? What’s new in their lives? We’re starting a new page on the website where we can exchange the pieces of information, big and small, that we would normally learn during coffee hour, hanging up our coats before a meeting, washing dishes or chopping vegetables in the kitchen.

Details like getting over an illness, celebrating a birthday (or a birth), planning to move, reading a great book, finding a new Netflix series, experimenting with jam recipes: anything and everything that make up our daily lives. While we’re apart, we can stay together through exchanging the big-bits and tidbits that make up our daily lives.

Please send your news and any accompanying photos to patriciadavies@rogers.com.

Your news

 When Nanci Harris isn’t busy in her new job as Manager, Intake, at the Royal College of Dental Surgeons, she is refinishing her dining room table and completing “pesky little paint jobs.” She’s also reading “an amazing new book” called Blue Mind by Wallace Nicholls that looks at why we are so drawn to being near water.

Marney and Jim Winn  closed Two Gullies, their cottage, on Thanksgiving weekend and will return in May, 2021. “It is truly a sacred space,” Marney says. The photo was taken at sunrise.

After just over a year without a canine companion, Karen and Barry Watson are adopting a puppy.  “We’re looking forward to a little more excitement around the house when one of these cute little Barbets joins our family on November 13,” Karen says. More pictures of this little guy’s brothers and sisters are on the Northrock Barbets Facebook Page.  Facebook.com/NorthrockBarbets/