What’s working?

Let’s be realistic: these next two months are going to be tough. Growing Covid numbers, lockdown measures, freezing temperatures and snow, boredom and fatigue are enough to make us anxious and depressed.

What are you doing to help yourself through January and February? Are you phoning friends, meditating, praying, reading mystery novels, cooking, playing virtual Scrabble, exercising online, taking a course, sleeping in and taking naps?

Let’s share and pull each other through until the sunshine returns. Please send What’s Working for you to patriciadavies@rogers.com or phone 416-389-6611 and Pat Davies will write a little news snippet for you. A photo would be good.

Your news

Nanci Harris started a new job in May and has converted her second bedroom into an office. Her days are filled with Zoom and MS Team calls as she jockeys back and forth between two laptops. In off-hours, she attends virtual fitness classes, chats online with friends, carries on with renovation projects (“Did you know you can paint ceramic tile?”)  and keeps tabs on her 93-year-old mom, who lives on her own in London. “TV is a great solace,” she adds. “There is always a bag of Lays plain potato chips in stock for another Bridgerton or Queen’s Gambit.” 

Gail and Peter Tabbitt feel very fortunate that they have the option of living either at their cottage or their condo. At both places they are busy online, playing bridge and scrabble, listening to speakers, reading magazines and visiting with friends and family on Zoom.

Gail has been spending a lot of time at the stove and Peter has been reaping the benefits. “Peter is a wonderful person to cook for as he loves and appreciates old and new recipes,”  she says. Muffins are one of her specialties and she frequently shares batches with both her condo and Beach United communities. Peter also apparently likes vacuuming and bringing her breakfast in bed. “I’m a spoiled old girl.”