What’s new with you?

Wondering what’s happening with all your Beach United friends? How are they doing in this weird time? What’s new in their lives? We’re starting a new page on the website where we can exchange the pieces of information, big and small, that we would normally learn during coffee hour, hanging up our coats before a meeting, washing dishes or chopping vegetables in the kitchen.

Details like getting over an illness, celebrating a birthday (or a birth), planning to move, reading a great book, finding a new Netflix series, experimenting with jam recipes: anything and everything that make up our daily lives. While we’re apart, we can stay together through exchanging the big-bits and tidbits that make up our daily lives.

Please send your news and any accompanying photos to patriciadavies@rogers.com.

Your news

The choir is offering to sing via Zoom, Happy Birthday to anyone who has a special birthday coming up. Whether it’s 10 or 80 we’d like to sing you Happy Birthday to make your day even more special. We’re all practiced and ready to go. You can request It be a surprise for someone  or you can request it for yourself. The choir is happy to spread some joy. 
Contact Mary Anne Lemm and she’ll set up the Zoom link and a time that works. 
maryanne.alton@sympatico.ca or call 416-469-5877

Choir singing Happy Birthday to Don Murray

Last winter Joan Kilpatrick, an experienced fabric artist, embroiderer and quilter, challenged herself to make a small piece of stitching each week then combine them into a hanging art quilt. Some people call this ‘meditative stitching,’“ she explains, “and it’s been really calming during this stressful year.” Joan is using a number of techniques, including prints of plants from her garden overlaid with stitching (see photos). “It’s been great each week to carefully choose something to represent that week,” she adds. That’s part of the meditative practice. When the week has a  full moon, I embroider some kind of full moon.” She’s now making a dark blue background quilt  and continuing with the weekly smaller pieces. “You can see that I enjoy all kinds of sewing, stitching and printing. When I’m stressed it’s a lot like art therapy.”