Take the challenge: 40 Days of Lenten Action

What action will you take to reduce your carbon footprint and live with respect in Creation?

Lent is a time when people take up spiritual practices to connect with the 40 days Jesus spent preparing for his ministry. This Lenten season, let’s each commit to actions to walk gently on the earth, to discover both appreciation and gratitude as we connect to God, our earth, our neighbours and ourselves.

To reduce your carbon footprint, you can give up something up or commit to doing something different.

Click here to share your Lenten action (and to see what other people are doing).

Not sure how to start? Click here for a list of suggestions.

Want to make a plan to change your habits? Click here for sample charts that you can use to set goals and track your progress.

Looking for more ideas?

Here are some of the actions that people at Beach United are taking to reduce their carbon footprint:

Food Actions:

  • I will replace 90% of my meat & fish with plant protein
  • I will replace 90% of my dairy with plant substitutes
  • I will not waste any food
  • I will eat some vegan meals each week

Transportation Actions:

  • I will replace 90% of my personal car travel with walking/cycling/public transit
  • I will carpool coming to Church
  • I will figure out how many air miles I travelled last year and plan to cut it by 90% this year

Shopping Actions:

  • I will not buy any new clothing (or buy it second-hand if I need it)
  • I will avoid single-use plastics

Energy Reduction Actions:

  • I will turn off the lights!

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