The wrap around the garden at Beach United Church attracts a lot of attention as people walk by.  We recently purchased two accessible garden planters to extend our garden and make it possible for people of differing abilities to participate in the joy of getting close to the earth.  This has been made possible by a United Church Innovation Grant and the support of the gardening group at BUC.

The addition of these planters will offer opportunities to build community connections with organizations like Pegasus Community Project and get to know our neighbors, spending more time outdoors, learning or sharing your knowledge about gardening veggies and herbs or supporting this initiative in your own unique way.

We could really use a hand in getting the project off the ground, and there are many ways to support the initiative even if you aren’t an avid gardener. The planters will be assembled on Wednesday, June 12 in the late morning and if anyone would like to come out to help that would be appreciated  Please connect with Nicole Tanti, Community Engagement Coordinator at

Pegasus has a location, a 5-minute walk from our church and would love to participate in some gardening over the summer, especially with other members of the community!

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