Beach United Church joined thousands upon thousands of young people at Queen’s Park and on the streets of Toronto on Friday, September 27, 2019.  We streamed from the subway, streetcars, and buses to shout for climate justice.

What do we want?  CLIMATE JUSTICE

When do we want it?  NOW!

We heard young people speak eloquently on the need to act now; saying that no-one will be left behind and we will follow the lead of our First Nations peoples.  The passion and fury were as palpable as the care shown for all – chairs for those who needed them and a vehicle for those who could not march on foot.

Usually, at such a large event there would be litter everywhere;  I did not see a single dropped item of any sort – pretty amazing.  It was very humbling to join others all around the world who are making their voice heard.

No more coal.  No more oil.  Fossil fuels stay in the soil!

-Karen Dale, Minister

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