I am writing to assure you that we at Beach United have been carefully monitoring COVID-19 developments.  The volunteer leadership, ministry staff, and operations staff have been in ongoing contact to develop and implement plans to deal with the situation and keep people well.

On the operations front, plans are underway to increase our cleaning and sanitation activities.  Signage has been put in place encouraging hand-washing and other protective measures.  As many chairs will be set out for events as is reasonable to allow people additional space.

On the ministry front, we are assessing what events should be postponed or modified in other ways. We appreciate that we all need social contact in one form or another and that we need to strike the right balance between keeping everyone physically well and mentally well.  We are also working to increase our ability to help those who might be ill or unable to leave home because of COVID-19.

Guidelines for staying well

We repeat the best advice from public health officials and encourage you to follow their guidelines:

  • If you are sick yourself, stay home and avoid contact with others 
  • Wash your hands frequently and keep your hands away from your face as much as possible.
  • Keep a social distance of two meters away from others, especially those who may be sick.
  • Cough into a tissue and dispose of it.
  • Use alcohol or Clorox wipes to disinfect surfaces you are concerned about.

If you need assistance

  • If you are ill, or self-quarantined and need any assistance, call 416-691-8082 or email office@beachuc.com
  • If you need someone to speak with because of your worries or personal concerns and would like to contact a minister or receive pastoral care, phone 416-691-8082 x26 or email karen@beachuc.com
  • If you need more information about COVID-19, visit the Toronto Public Health CORONA-19 page.
  • If you need information about any changes to upcoming events at Beach United Church, check the calendar, our website, or our Facebook page.

We will continue to provide updates on what we are doing to look after the welfare of the Beach United Church community until this event passes and things return to normal.

-Brian Gauthier, Chair – Board of Directors  

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