June is PRIDE month! Let’s remind ourselves that as compassionate people we must use our voices to stop the global violence and expressions of inequality, torture and even executions toward people simply because of who they love, how they look, or who they are. ​

Compassion in PRIDE

“I’d like to say that LGBT people don’t want to yell about themselves on every corner.
We don’t come out for heterosexual people to know.
We don’t come out for religious people to know.
We don’t come out for the ones who hate us to know.

We shout and make as much noise as possible just so other people like us who are scared and can’t be themselves would know that they are not a mistake and they are not alone.

We come out because we want to show other LGBT people
That we too can live a normal life and we too can be loved and accepted.
And also, we come out, because we want to show others,
That we are people, just like them.”

-Artem Kolesov

For more information visit the website   https://charterforcompassion.org/

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